The research unit PsyNCog is defined by a multidisciplinary approach of the study of human cognition. It combines behavioral experimental procedures with state-of-the-art neuroscientific methods such as electro-encephalography, transcranial electrical stimulation and functional neuroimaging.


oth fundamental and applied research orientations characterize the research unit, which is reflected by the wide range of study populations. The researchers of PsyNCog work with typical populations in a life-span perceptive, as well as with clinical populations suffering from emotional and/or cognitive disorders. PsyNCog further uses animal models for the understanding of human cognition. The PsNCog research unit targets the understanding of human cognition at both individual and group levels, and is strongly involved in the development of assessment and intervention methods.

PsyNCog is structured along four axes:

  • Cognition and Language,
  • Affect and Social Cognition,
  • Cognitive Psychopathology, 
  • Animal Models of Cognition.

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