Charlotte leads the projects on the phenomenon of near-death experiences (NDEs). More generally, Charlotte's work aims to investigate various states of disconnected consciousness (being conscious without experiencing the external world). She studies conditions in which people are outwardly unresponsive such as during general anesthesia or cardiac arrest, but `disconnected¿ and/or 'connected' to the world, as testified by the detailed subjective reports upon awakening. She also explores the neural correlates of other altered or modified states of consciousness, such as disorders of consciousness and hypnosis (mainly using behavioral assessments, MRI and EEG techniques). She joined the Centre for Psychedelic Research (Division of Brain Sciences, Imperial College London, UK) in 2019 to investigate the overlap between the phenomenology of the classical psychedelic experiences and NDEs. Charlotte is also affiliated to the Psychology and Neuroscience of Cognition Research Unit (PsyNCog).