Schmidt Christina - Ph. D.

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My research explores the involvement of sleep-wake regulation on human cognition. We use multidimensional approaches combining cognitive methods, neuroimaging, electrophysiology and chronobiological paradigms, mainly in healthy individuals.

  • Regulation of the sleep-wake cycle: Sleep homeostasis interacts with circadian rhythmicity (circa = around, dies = day) to shape our wake-sleep cycle. Circadian rhythms are responsible for the temporal organization of this cycle and contribute decisively to the maintenance of optimal functioning of the brain over day and night.
  • Impact on cognitive and brain function: Circadian rhythms not only determine the temporal organization of our sleep-wake cycle, but can also modulate our cognitive performance. Our research explores daily fluctuations in cognitive performance and attempts to dissociate underlying brain processes.

  • Impact on cognitive aging: The temporal organization of the sleep-wake cycle evolves during aging. Advancing age is associated with a greater fragmentation of the sleep-wake cycle. Our research aims to explore the contribution of sleep-wake regulation to age-related changes in cognition.