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My research activities aim to develop and validate a psychosocial intervention that targets motivational deficits in people diagnosed with schizophrenia. The goal of this intervention is to improve daily functioning and quality of life, of which negative symptoms related to amotivation are the main predictors. More specifically:

  • The intervention, called “Switch”, has been built on a model of amotivation inspired by Kring and Barch (2014) and targets various processes related to motivation and goal-directed behaviours (e.g., pleasure anticipation, self-efficacy, initiation…).
  • The efficacy of Switch is currently being evaluated in a pilot study (individual setting). A group version of Switch is being developed and will be assessed. Case studies will be used in order to reach a better understanding of processes underlying the enhancement of motivation and quality of life.
  • My research interests also include motivation enhancement in general (in other clinical or non-clinical populations) and stigmatisation in people with serious mental illness.