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My doctoral research activities focus on the study of the effects of physical exercise on the vulnerability to addictive-like properties of cocaine using an animal model. Epidemiological studies carried out in adolescents and young adults have reported an overall inverse relationship between regular physical activity and rates of drug initiation or consumption (e.g. cigarettes). Preclinical studies using animal models of drug addiction provide evidence for (causal) preventive effects of physical activity on drugs of abuse vulnerability by showing that laboratory rodents housed with a running wheel (a model of aerobic exercise) exhibit reduced rates of acquisition or motivation of self-administration of cocaine as well as attenuated psychomotor responsiveness to acute and chronic administrations of that drug, as compared to unexercised animals.

  • Our studies aim to better characterize the interaction between physical exercise and cocaine vulnerability by investigating the longevity of such preventive effects and the influence of period of life during which exercise occurs (e.g. adolescence vs. adulthood).