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My post-doctoral research activities investigate (1) the constructive aspects of human memory in the lab and in real-life settings and (2) the functions of (false) memories and how they may affect people’s behaviour or be associated with psychopathology and/or exceptional experiences in everyday life.

  • Constructive aspects of memory in the lab: I’ve adapted several paradigms to study false memories, compare them, and understand what makes them so compelling (illusory recollection) with a specific focus on emotion, individual differences (personality and/or cognitive characteristics) and age (children and healthy older adults).
  • Eyewitness and Earwitness testimony: I’m examining how good children, adults and older adults are at extracting information from faces and voices (description abilities) and how this may affect their later identification abilities. I’m also interested in Prospective Person Memory and how to improve memory for people in the case of missing persons.
  • Functions of memories, psychopathology and/or exceptional experiences: I’m examining how constructive processes in memory may relate to constructive aspects in other cognitive areas (perception, decision making) and whether this may be associated with psychopathology or particular experiences such as déjà vu, hallucination-like experiences and near-death experiences in healthy individuals. More generally, I’m interested in how memories (e.g., memories of emotional events, nostalgia…) may influence individuals’ behaviour.