Poncelet Martine - Ph. D.

Permanent Members - Cognition and Language

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My research interests concern the following domains :

  • Written language acquisition.  Our research aims at providing a better understanding of the role of verbal short-term memory in reading acquisition and at determining the cognitive factors that support the acquisition of lexical orthography. A more applied research line also aims at developing prevention and screening instruments for dyslexia as well as written language assessment tools for use in adults and adolescents. We also explore the efficacy of phonological awareness and reading fluency training programs for written language acquisition in children educated in a different language than their mother tongue. 
  • Acquisition of a second language. We aim at determining the cognitive factors that support second language vocabulary acquisition in the context of language immersion school programs. We also explore the impact of bilingualism and second language learning on the development of attentional and exectuve abilities.
  • Aphasia and normal aging. We study word finding difficulties, their determinants and possible remediation techniques.