D'Argembeau Arnaud - Ph. D.

Permanent Members - Cognition and Language

Consult publications by Arnaud D'Argembeau





Research in my lab is broadly concerned with understanding the cognitive and neural mechanisms that support the human ability to remember the past and to envision the future. We examine these questions using a combination of cognitive and neuroimaging approaches, mainly in healthy individuals but also in people with psychological disorders.

  • Future thinking: The ability to imagine the future is central to who we are and how we behave, with knowledge about possible futures informing decisions on how to act in the present. But how exactly do we mentally represent the future? Our research aims to characterize the cognitive and neural underpinnings of this ability.
  • Autobiographical memory: Our knowledge about ourselves and our life is organized in layers of representations that vary in specificity, from memories of particular life events (e.g., one’s last birthday party) to abstract self-conceptions (e.g., personality traits). Our research aims to understand the nature and functions of these various forms of autobiographical knowledge.