Collette Fabienne - Ph. D.

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My research aims at understanding the determinants of successful or pathological cognitive aging. Factors prone to influence executive and memory abilities during aging are investigated using cognitive psychological, neuropsychological and neuroimaging methods.

  • Lifestyle factors : This research topic concerns the influence of current/past lifespan characteristics (professional and leisure activities, physical activity, health-related risk…) on executive abilities and the implementation of compensatory brain mechanisms.
  • Genetic factors : We aim to determine the influence of genetic polymorphisms (COMT, BDNF,…) on executive and memory functioning during normal aging, as well as on brain areas underlying these processes.
  • Wake/sleep rhythms : We are interested in the way sleep quality influences the efficiency of cognitive functions (more particularly for executive, attentional and memory processes) and could predict the evolution towards Alzheimer’s disease.
  • Cognitive fatigue : The aim of this research axis is to determine how executive and memory capacity  adapt when faced with conditions requiring a large amount of attentional resources and building up mental fatigue. We will assess if the adaptation of cognitive performance is similar from young to older participants and which compensatory brain mechanisms are implemented according to age.