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My postdoctoral research activities investigate the role of short-term memory for serial order in different learning abilities such as oral language, reading and mathematical abilities, in collaboration withSteve Majerus (pole Cognition & Language) et Laurence Rousselle (UR Enfances). I investigate the development of these abilities and their associations in typical and atypical populations (children with learning disabilities and genetic syndromes) using behavioral and neuroimaging approaches.The main goals of my research are:

  • To determine the implication of serial order short-term memory in several learning abilities, focusing mainly on numerical/mathematical abilities in typically developing as well as dyscalculic populations.

  • To explore the cerebral networks involved in the short- and long-term processing of serial order

  • To examine the influence on basic numerical processing and short-term memory abilities of several genetic alterations as observed in Down syndrome, Turner syndrome, William syndrome or Velo-cardio-facial syndrome.