Majerus Steve - Ph. D.


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My research activities investigate the cognitive and neural mechanisms that allow us to temporarily memorize information and hold it in our mind (short-term memory; working memory). We are using cognitive and neuroimaging research methods to examine the structure and function of this memory system, in healthy persons and persons with cognitive impairment.

  • Working memory, an interactive system :  Our capacity to memorize information over the short term depends on many different cognitive components such as access to information stored in long-term memory and attentional processes. Our research activities investigate, in healthy persons and brain-injured persons (persons with aphasia) how long-term memory and attentional mechanisms interact and allow the temporary maintenance of information in our mind.
  • Working memory, a system for memorizing the serial order of events : One important function of working memory is to maintain information about the sequential order of events, which is often arbitratry such as the digits of a phone number. Our research activities investigate the nature of the mechanisms that allow us to maintain in our mind an accurate temporary representations of the serial order of events.
  • Working memory, a learning system : Working memory is a determining factor of learning abilities. Our research activities investigate the links between working memory and verbal (languages, reading) and non-verbal (calculation) learning abilities, in healthy persons as well as in persons with learning disability (dyslexia, dyscalculia).


We are developing tools for the assessment and rehabilitation of working memory/short term memory. We offer specialized clinical consultations (learning disorders; neuropsychological examinations in German and English).